Fuckfree (otherwise how’s she gonna get married?)

free fucks that was all

the fuckers viewed me

breaking hymen and soul – wrong not

am I only because theym fuck


I think you have it backwards

the wrinkle-free mask of

control never slipped only

your gloves onto me


and fuck you for all

the fucks you gave

you never did give a

fuck – you hated vulgarity


but fuck that you

-just wanted to avoid

the sticky stain seeping through your fucking

gloves with my “fuck-ups”


only it’s not a fuck-up

it’s a “your behaviour

dear was too much” I saw

the aversion of your eyes from the ugliest fucking on your bed


though my eyes were closed

even if voluntarily my tongue was screwed shut by

the dirty glances they threw my way and the slurs that erased all despicability from my fucking situation

look – the flowering has a better view anyway


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